Quick Trip to Amazon™

Finally, the Motivation You Need to Get Your Book Written, Published, Launched & to Bestseller Status…Quickly

So you’ve wanted to give birth for a long time. No not to a child, but to your book baby! Let me tell you a little secret…

Sometimes it’s okay to sit on something and wait until you have a master plan, blueprint, or a solid solution on how to accomplish your goal before you get started.

But, goal oriented individuals get it done, and in a way in which it saves time from having to revise and repeat the same steps over and over again…

There was a time right after my father passed away, that I knew I wanted to write a book, but it took some time for me to become motivated to put action behind my thought process of becoming a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author.

Initially, I didn’t have a master plan, blueprint, or a solid solution on how to accomplish my goal of birthing my book baby.

“I quit, I give up” is what I kept saying repeatedly.

At least that’s what I wanted to do. It seemed like it was impossible to get my book written and published the right way, because I had no clue as to what I was really doing.

It became a struggle to get what would eventually become my 25-chapter novel written and published.

One day it clicked for me, and I began using writing as therapy to assist with the pain from the loss of my dad. This process is what I used to help push me forward and keep me motivated.

But what if you don’t have that same motivating factor that I had to keep you going or moving forward with your idea? Or what if you haven’t even started your writing journey?

How about if you continue to stay stuck right where you are, and another year, five, or ten years pass, and you still haven’t birthed your book.

Or what if you do birth your book, but it isn’t done right


you never reach your goal of bestseller status?

Truth is, you’ll have a book, but you won’t be able to call yourself the coveted title, Bestselling Author, and I’ll be honest, I LOVE using that title! The icing on the cake is to be able to put #1 in front of that, as I reached bestseller status in all three categories in two to three hours on release day!

Listen, I get it.

That bestseller status stuff does not happen overnight. It takes the knowhow, proper skillset, research, time…okay fine; I’ll keep it all the way real, blood, sweat, and your tears to make it happen.

I understand that all of this, just the thought of it all is something that is hard to fathom, because you have the perfect idea for a book, yet you have no idea on this green earth how to get started, whether it be with writing, publishing, and or both. Plus, reaching bestseller status is no joke. You need expert knowledge on tried and true strategies, to reach it.

Oh, and let’s not even talk about how becoming a bestselling author or even just an author will elevate you to expert status within your industry which can lead to endless opportunities.

The only thing right now is…you don’t know how to get started, and you are just sick and tired of allowing your limiting beliefs of completing your book, be your top of mind problem.

Don’t fret!

There are between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year!

And I want YOU, to be a part of that number.

This is why I’ve created a program just for goal oriented action takers like you…

Who are ready to turn their desire of writing into a page turning, attention gravitating storyline that will have your readers totally wowed by your writing skills.

Who want to effectively articulate their thoughts into words that intrigue their readers.

And who want to save time, research, and the countless mistakes on the writing, publishing, and launching processes, along with the endless hours on trying to figure out how to do this alone.

blockquotePatrice did an excellent job of guiding me through the self-publishing process! She was readily available throughout the entire process, beginning to end. I had my book completely self-published in less than two months! If you have a dream of becoming an author, Patrice is a great place to start!

Latriece M. Spires | Author

Introducing Quick Trip to Amazon™

Quick Trip to Amazon™ is a hybrid coaching and accountability program that strategically walks you through the writing, publishing, launching, and bestseller status processes. The best part about this is all of the time, research, and mistakes that you have been making have finally come to an end.

Everything that I have learned about writing, publishing, launching, and becoming an Amazon #1 Bestseller has been packaged into this one program.

My #1 goal is to ensure that your trip to Amazon is both quick and successful!

You get step-by-step guidance that I can attest is fail-proof because I’ve done it time and time again.

The strategic processes taught, ensure that you birth your book by your publishing due date, at your own pace without any added pressure, so that the only deadline that you must meet is the one that you set yourself.

How does a self-paced, with hands on coaching and accountability, within a three to six month timeframe, no pressure program sound to you?

There’s enough pressure writing your book and putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together, and Quick Trip will help you to accomplish this on your time.

The absolute last thing you need is a group program that pushes you along with everyone else in order to accomplish your individual goal of writing your book.

Truth is, all books are not created equal. Therefore, the focus is on your timeline, your goals, and the publishing date that is set by YOU.

Now, before we get to all of the juicy details of this program, if you don’t know who I am…

I’ve been in your exact position, where I knew I wanted to write, yet I lacked the motivation and the knowhow to “make it happen”. After a while it gets old, and wanting something but not effectively working towards getting what you want is frustrating. You get tired of spinning your wheels, trying to do it alone, and are jaded and burned out from the endless hours of research and time wasted. There’s only so much that is available online for free, and most of the time it’s not the accurate or the comprehensive information that you need to meet your goals.

The time is now, for you to put that wheel spinning car that is taking you absolutely no where quick, and certainly not to Amazon, into the park position, and jump into the passenger seat of a program that is proven to be a Quick Trip to Amazon™.

Does this sound like something that is Amazon-ing (amazing) to you? Haha, I’ve got jokes! But in all seriousness…

If you’re ready, I’m definitely ready to meet you at Amazon, but I want to make sure that I don’t beat you there, because waiting on someone to arrive, is never any fun. It’s lonely at the top.

The program is customizable based on our recommendations and your needs. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what you get with our help:

Crafting Your Signature Story

With our help, you will:

  • Gain clarity on your story idea
  • Identify your target market for your book
  • Create and develop your chapter outline
  • Turn your chapter outline into chapters
  • Choose an intriguing title for your book
  • Develop a writing plan and timeline
  • Develop your book synopsis

Publishing to Perfection 101

With our help, you will:

  • Understand the self-publishing pros and cons
  • Learn the various elements of publishing
  • How to choose the right editor so you can avoid an editorial nightmare, the different type of editing options, and selecting the one(s) that is right for you, or we have a in house editor that can have your book edited efficiently and professionally in a timely manner
  • Develop the concept for your book cover with our graphic designer, and learn industry insider tips on the best elements for a book cover
  • Learn how to select and match to the right individuals for endorsements, the foreword, and afterword if applicable
  • Select the right printing option

Launch & Leverage

With our help, you will:

  • Understand how to properly execute your launch party
  • Learn the pros and cons of both a virtual launch and launch party
  • Understand the purpose of pre-sales, how to do it, and if it’s right for you
  • How to leverage your network and get people to support you by purchasing your book

Bestseller Blueprint

With our help, you will:

  • Learn my exclusive secrets and easy-to-apply strategies to accomplish Amazon Bestseller status that has been used by us and clients

(Detailed information is purposefully not shown so that the specific strategies used in accomplishing this bestseller status are not compromised.)

Plus additional services, that can be added on to assist with the post launch of your book.

In Quick Trip to Amazon™ I give you the exact strategies that I have used to accomplish writing, publishing, launching, and becoming an Amazon Bestseller. There’s no fluff here, just step-by-step guidance that gets real results. Plus, you will eliminate all confusion on the “how-to” of writing and publishing.

Get easy-to-apply, streamlined guidance on how to get your book written, published, launched, and to bestseller status with coaching and accountability!

If you are ready to move forward, please email us at support@patricetartt.com. The first step will be setting up a 20- minute consultation. If we are a good fit for each other, we would love to discuss the investment and next steps.

Answers to Some of Your Most Important Questions

1) I wouldn’t call myself a “writer.” Do I need previous writing experience to write a book?

Inside Quick Trip to Amazon™, you’ll learn everything you need to know to write and publish your book. No previous writing experience is required.

2) How do I determine how long I should be in the program?

The program duration is three to six months, based on the pace that we mutually set. This is dependent upon your desired deadline, your dedication, and how much time you can commit to writing.

3) What is the investment? Do you offer installments for the investment?

The investment varies, as each package is customizable based upon your specific needs. Yes, we do. All of that is worked out upon signing the contractual agreement.

Ghostwriting for Manuscripts & Articles

If you are ready to move forward, please email us at support@patricetartt.com. The first step will be setting up a 20-minute consultation. If we are a good fit for each other, we would love to discuss the investment for ghostwriting a manuscript, rates for an article (with and without research and stats provided by us), and next steps.