Pitch Perfect®

Discover How to Get Editors to Say “Yes” So You Can Skyrocket Your Influence and Serve More People with Your Genius

Real talk …

You’ve landed some fantastic clients, you’re making good money and business is good … but you’re not satisfied just yet.

You see, you want to give yourself a much-deserved profit boost. You want your business to be GREAT so you can serve more people and secure a better future for yourself and your family.

And you know getting published in The HuffPost, Inc. Forbeshttps://www.millbuzz.com/congresswoman-maxine-waters-hosts-the-2nd-annual-millennial-media-row, ESSENCE or other well-known publications is the first step to reaching celebrity-level recognition in your industry.

The only problem is, you’ve tried just about everything to bust out of your little corner of the world and flood the Internet with your genius …

And nobody’s saying “Yes” to your story ideas. Nobody’s ringing your phone or jumping inside your inbox with feature story requests. And right about now …

Gaining global exposure for your business feels more like a dream that will never come true.

You’ve seen the names and faces of your colleagues and competitors in your favorite publications, so why not you? Heck, you hear bestselling authors, top bloggers and columnists, million-dollar business coaches and in-demand motivational speakers rave about their bomb.com publicists, which had you thinking you should hire one too.

Then reality set in … these bomb.com publicists come with explosive rates and you’re not ready to drop $1000+ per month on exposure. And that leaves you back at square one …

Sending in pitch after pitch only to have your story ideas and angles die a slow death in the email inboxes of hundreds of editors and writers you’ve contacted.

Trust me … it’s not YOU, it’s your process. Now, before I let you in on the secrets of gaining celebrity-level brand exposure, let me tell you who I am …

I’m Patrice Tartt, pitch master, The DREAM BIG WRITING Coach®, and a “yes pusher” who knows how to get women authors, bloggers, speakers and entrepreneurs featured as an expert or writer in top-name publications so they can serve more people with their genius.

You see, I know all about pushing to get that “yes” because like you, I’ve certainly received my fair share of “nos” from editors and writers.

But all that changed three years ago when I tried something different.

I stopped listening to all the gurus on how to get published and started researching and building my own process on how to get editors to say “Yes.” And after researching and testing my steps, I’ve developed a proven process that has secured feature story and guest writer opportunities for me and my clients in highly recognized publications including The HuffPost, Inc., ESSENCE, Parents Magazine, Upscale, She Knows, Black Enterprise, The Network Journal, BET, Everything Girls Love, Kontrol Magazine, Publishers Weekly, The Houston Defender, Examiner, MadameNoire, and Curly Nikki.

This year 2019, I was invited to an event to interview Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other members of Congress, and also met Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and have the pictures to prove it. I was even pitched to interview the NBA Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas! A few years ago, I was also invited and sat at the table directly in front of the podium at the White House as First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the Let’s Move! initiative. Plus, I landed invites to rub elbows with celebrities and provided red-carpet media coverage at the Black Girls Rock! Awards show that aired on BET, the STARZ red carpet premiere for the hit television, POWER, and although I had to decline, I was invited to the TV Land Icon Awards – all without a journalist degree or decades of experience as a reporter or columnist.

Whether I’m chatting it up with international superstars or interviewing legendary celebrities, being a national blogger certainly has its perks.

Now here’s the thing you need to know:

Getting published is NOT just about seeing your name or face on the page, it’s about attracting more clients, building more creditability and growing your brand – all of which my clients and I are doing because of my Pitch Perfect® process.

blockquote Patrice has inspired me to go above and beyond. As a scholar in the inaugural class of the Pitch Perfect® writing and pitching program, Patrice has gone out of her way to send me opportunities to practice pitching. On my FIRST shot, with her help, my pitch was accepted for publication on BET.com! Pitch Perfect® was easy for me as a participant, due to the virtual accessibility of each module. I was also able to learn the ins and outs of crafting articles, composing pitches, and identifying the best audience for my content. This program will play a critical role in my evolution as a writer. As a result of having my article that I crafted in this program published on the HuffPost by Patrice, my article was cited for a panel discussion proposal for the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) conference. They also invited me to present on the panel as well! Thanks again, Patrice!

Brittny Wells, DrPH | Higher Education Faculty

Inside Pitch Perfect®

Inside Pitch Perfect®, you join Brittny and many others who now know how to properly leverage their expertise, pitch to the right publication, and get the “Yes” – all without wasting hours sifting through incomplete “how to pitch” articles.

So if you:

  • Have pitched story ideas that were rejected or ignored without a clue as to why
  • Are struggling to package your genius in a way that intrigues editors and writers to say “Heck Yes”
  • Have found yourself wasting hours searching for the “perfect pitch” email you can copy, tweak and blast out to editors and writers
  • Find it almost impossible to get the global brand exposure you need to serve more people with your genius

… And you are willing to ditch late nights with Google for a purse full of pitch secrets proven to move you from little-known secret to industry superstar

Then you’re gonna love Pitch Perfect® because it’s the place where your BIG writing dreams will actually come true.

Just imagine:

Blasting out story ideas to a few editors and having them respond with a “Yes.” Now, I’m not promising you’ll get featured in every publication you pitch. That’s like saying a unicorn is going to come and drive your kids to school every day.

But what I am promising is, with my Pitch Perfect® process, you’ll get more “yeses” than “nos”, and you’ll stop wasting time pitching to publications that aren’t right for you. You see, you need to have your name or face in publications read by your ideal client – and that’s exactly where you’ll end up after just 6 weeks with me.

Here’s a peek at how we’ll spend our time together:

Week 1 – Meet Your Media Match

You will:

  • Get up close and personal with publications so you understand exactly how to choose the best match – those that exposes your brand to more of the people who need you most.
  • Plan your match strategy so you focus only on publications inside your target market.
  • Craft a strategy that slashes your matching time in half.

Week 2 – Say Buh-Bye Blank Page

You will:

  • Discover brainstorming secrets on how to come up with compelling story ideas that your target market will love.
  • Uncover the various types of articles you can write so you create an unlimited supply of ideas that glue your readers’ eyeballs to the page.
  • Craft your first article and have it reviewed by a team of writing and editing experts who will make sure your article captivates and excites rather than confuses and repels your audience.

Week 3 – Do a Little “Dumpster Diving”

You will:

  • Learn the hacks I use to dig up editor contact info so you can get your story ideas in front of the right people the right way.
  • Discover what’s at stake when you fail to take the time to pitch the right story idea to the right person at the right time.
  • Understand the art of reaching out to editors so you make a fantastic first impression.

Week 4 – Put Pens to Paper and Pitch

You will:

  • Develop your pitch using my easy-breezy process so you master each and every element of the “perfect pitch” like a pro.
  • Get my never-before-talked-about “Power of Connection” (P.O.C.) tips where you’ll hear exactly how to entice editors and get them shouting “Heck Yes” when they see your pitch pop up in their inboxes.
  • Craft your first pitch and have it reviewed by a team of writing and editing experts who will make sure it entices and excites rather than confuses and bores editors.

Week 5 – Pitch to Perfection

You will:

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to create a custom editorial calendar that ensures you stay ahead of the game by pitching relevant, timely story ideas.
  • Tap into my exclusive tips on the “Power of Leverage” (P.O.L.) where you’ll get the skinny on how to package up your genius, past experience and connections in a way that intrigues editors and positions you as a must-have for their publications.
  • Get my exclusive, must-have pitching secrets on the “follow up”, so that you can avoid extreme delays in hearing back after you submit your pitch.

PLUS, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to the Pitch Perfect® course, inside our exclusive membership site, which is also accessible from any mobile device, and will be available to you 24/7.
  • 6 weeks of support in the exclusive Facebook Support & Accountability Group where you can ask me – a real human – anything, rather than simply going through the modules all alone.
  • Access to five LIVE Q&A Sessions to tighten up your pitch or answer any of your lingering questions before you hit the “send” button and release your pitch for consideration.
  • A priceless collection of never-before-seen pitching secrets you’ve always dreamed about appearing in – all so you can dig inside editors’ brains and pull out exactly what they want to see when you drop in their inboxes.
  • A comprehensive Pitch Perfect® workbook to take notes, packed with content covered in each of the 5 modules.
  • An implementation week to implement what you have learned, as well as to ensure your success within the course, so that you stay on track with the assigned homework.

Now, what you get inside this program is nothing like those publicists who charge a hefty price and never reveal their secrets – like how to increase your exposure or what other programs teach you what you should do to increase your chances of getting your story idea accepted.

In Pitch Perfect®, I give you my exact, proven process. With me, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on getting that “yes” and making your dreams of gaining global exposure a reality.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what another thrilled client had to say about working with me:

blockquoteI’ve always known that writing helps to paint pictures for people in their minds. It wasn’t until I published my first book that I realized I wanted to continue with the imagery. But, I knew I needed help. Pitch Perfect® was perfectly timed for me. Not only has Patrice given me the tools and resources necessary to strengthen my writing and my pitch, but she provided encouragement as well. Through this program, my first article was published on The HuffPost!!! Pitch Perfect® is money and time well spent!!

KaCey Venning | Author, Speaker & Nonprofit Co-Founder

Get highly practical, easy-to-apply guidance on how to send the “perfect pitch” AND get editors to shout “Heck Yes” when they see you in their inboxes.

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The Investment

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There’s just one more thing
I want you to know …

Inside the Pitch Perfect® Course, you get me – your DREAM BIG WRITING® Coach and occasional loving kick-in-the-behind giver – guiding you on how to pitch to the right publications so you can finally get the exposure your brand deserves. This way, you can share your genius with more of the people who need you most.

blockquoteSuch a Great Course For Aspiring Media Marketers!

What can I say? Patrice knows how to woo the media! Not only did she teach me what outlets to pitch and how to pitch them, Patrice also worked her butt off to get my article published on HuffPost! As a Yoga Teacher, marketing to the media is out of my zone of genius, but since taking the Pitch Perfect® course, I’ve been able to use the strategies I learned, to get featured in several niche publications, such as YogiApproved.com, YogaInternational.com, and Natural Awakenings magazine! Thanks Patrice for your wisdom and support!

Keya Williams | Yoga Lifestyle Consultant to Busy Moms

blockquoteAs a writer, I am always seeking ways to take my writing to the next level, and Pitch Perfect® was the “perfect” course for me to do just that! The Dream Big Writing Coach®, Patrice Tartt took us through an extensive, step-by-step process of researching, writing, and pitching articles to national media outlets, and the results were a success. I can now add national blogger to my name, thanks to Patrice and her Pitch Perfect® course, after having my first article published by a national magazine. If you have dreams of becoming a national blogger, but don’t know where to begin, Pitch Perfect® is the course for you.

LaChelle Weaver | Bestselling Author

Answers to All Your Lingering Questions

1) I wouldn’t call myself a “writer.” Do I need previous writing experience to pitch my articles to top publications?

Inside Pitch Perfect®, you’ll learn everything you need to write and pitch an intriguing article that gets the attention of editors. No previous writing experience required.

2) After completing the course, can you guarantee my pitches and articles will be accepted by all my dream publications?

While I cannot guarantee without a doubt that all your pitches and articles will be accepted, I can tell you that the process I teach inside Pitch Perfect® has consistently landed lucrative features and writing opportunities for myself and my clients. From there, the sky’s the limit for you and your brand.

3) Will I have access to you after enrolling in the video course?

I’m not about that “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” course life. Each week, you’ll be invited to a LIVE Q&A coaching session, in addition to email access during the 6-week program. I’ll also be hanging out and answering questions inside our Pitch Perfect® online community.

4) How will I access the LIVE Q&A coaching sessions?

The sessions will be held inside our Pitch Perfect® online community (Facebook Support & Accountability Group).

5) I need another course like a need a hole in my head. Will you bombard me with hundreds of hours of videos and worksheets?

Absolutely NOT! Trust me when I say I know exactly how you feel. You sign up for a course and get so much content that you’re not able to get through it all.

That’s why I designed each module to deliver only the information you need to advance to the next step. PLUS, I’ve added in an “implementation week” so you can execute what you’ve learned without feeling left behind.

6) How will I receive the Pitch Perfect® content?

Each week during the 5 weeks, you’ll receive one module inside our exclusive membership site. There will be an additional week set aside specifically for implementation, so you’ll have time to refine your article, and tighten up your pitch before you hit the “send” button, and blast it out to my team of editors.

Doors to the Pitch Perfect® Virtual Course
Are NOW Open for a Limited Time

The Investment

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